WarKids is a prequel to an up-and-coming series that is currently still being developed. This will be canon for the main story. Briefly, to catch you up to speed on the main story, it is about a twenty-something year old man named Alex. Alex is a very neutral person without much of an opinion, he works a dead-end job and is surprisingly pretty content with it. Alex doesn’t have much drive and is just coasting through his life. In the cosmos, God gets thrown out of Heaven and lands on Earth. God is in a weakened state because in the current year, not many people are worshipping God. After all, the world is in a golden age! This golden age is occurring because God has locked up Satan in the pit of hell, as it says he would in prophecy. Because Satan is locked away, humans have been doing very well without Satan distracting them. Without Satan, there is no use for God. People stopped worshipping God, and because of this, God is in a weakened state. AngelKids and DemonKids have been planning this mutiny for the last 700 or so years and finally have been able to pull it off. In a weakened state, God now has to find the perfect vessel in order to regain his power. God's energy gets drawn to Alex because he is neither a good nor a bad person. Alex is the perfect vessel. To prevent the AngelKids and DemonKids from breaking the 7 seals and bringing forth the apocalypse, God knows he has to unlock Satan from his cell. When Satan is released, he is also weakened because Hell has turned its back on Satan as well. God, Satan, and Alex all need to use their powers together to prevent the apocalypse from happening and bring balance to the realms…

WarKids is about the mutiny in Heaven and Hell before God gets cast from his throne… 


In Hell there are DemonKids. These are what we call all of the beasts and beings that live in the realm of Shaol, or Hell. There are 4 different types of Demonkids,


The imps are puny, slick, and putrid little creatures. What they lack in size and strength, they certainly make up for in charisma and intelligence. One of their biggest weaknesses is their inability to resist mischief. If an Imp sees a way for it to really weasel its way into a situation to get a quick laugh it will take it. Imps are known for their famous underground gambling rings that they thrive on. They often take any bet they can, and always seem to find a way to crack deals that are ultimately beneficial for themselves. Imps normally are the most common form of DemonKid that is found in Hell. The Imps are the low demon on the totem pole and are often the punchline for many jokes in Hell, which in Hell can be…painful. They carry out the bidding and orders of every demon that is ranked above them. These demons are responsible for most hauntings and possessions that happen in our realm, Earth. When given an assignment, they often will slack off when on the surface because Earth is the most desirable place for any entities. Imps are always smooth talking, and trying to swindle any deal they can make at all times.

Lesser demon

All Lesser Demons are males. The Lesser Demons are muscular and large in size. They often have tusks, and tend to speak in grunts. These are not what you’d call the “scientists” of hell. These DemonKids are used for labor and infantry purposes. What they lack in common sense and intelligence they make up for in size and strength. These demons have a short fuse and it doesn’t take much for them to get upset. They often get confused very easily, which ultimately leads them into getting frustrated which then leads to what we call tantrums. When they enter this primitive rage filled state, they no longer have any control of what’s going on in their immediate surroundings. They will trash and destroy anything in their path. These DemonKids are easily manipulated, but due to their volatile nature, they are less commonly kept around. Having an army of large, intimidating babies can be exhausting. Have you ever heard in lore about Demons loving riddles, or games? Any demon that’s referenced in history that enjoy riddles or stories are the Lesser Demons. Due to their lack of intelligence, they tend to be easily “stuck” on riddles. Ironic.


Ah fuck, you do NOT want to be caught when these ladies are around. The succubus are known to be the most aggressive and evil DemonKids that live in the realm of hell. Purely thriving off of sadomasochism, although they are never on the receiving end of it. These entities are truly some of the most intimating things that live in hell. They are intelligent, strong, vicious, and oh did we mention they can shapeshift? They are often generals of the Army’s of hell and give direct orders to Lesser Demons and Imps. The succubus are the mothers of all Lesser Demons. They breed with the Demons. Succubus ALWAYS get their job done. When you see a lot of aggressive possessions and exorcisms that require real professional help are often the work of a succubus. They have hypnotic powers and can lure and influence anything that stares directly into its eyes. Their ruthless passion for pain and violence is what drives these evil entities.


Demons are the most evil things that can exist. It is believed that every demon is a fallen angel. When God cast Satan out of heaven for rebelling, he also threw out 1/3 of the angels with Satan into the “lake of fire” or Hell. Separated from Gods love these angels started suffering from corruption, which was an evil sickness that god had implanted as eternal punishment if they ever used their free will against god. This corruption, was eventually bred with the succubus’s which spread to some of the Lesser Demons. This corruption is an inherited trait that is the purest form of suffering which leads to the desire to constantly cause chaos. Demons are so evil because they are so separated from the light. Their entire existence is based on pain, and this is all they drive to do. Demons are the rulers, or Kings of Hell. They make every decision possible and direct the Demonkids to manipulate the forces of ManKind. They say if you come into close proximity of a Demon and you aren’t of cosmic decent you will decent into madness. They emit hallucinogens when they transfer to earths surface that can manipulate the masses in the way they want to perceive.


There is a ranking system in the bowels of hell and they are divided into Legions. Each DemonKid will fall into either the 1st, 2nd, or 5th Legion. The Legion that a DemonKid belongs to can be easily identified by its body markings. In each legion, there are Imps, Lesser Demons, Succubi, and Demons, and within those legions, they follow the same pecking order.


The 1st Legion of Demons is the most elite and badass out of them all. This faction is hand-selected because of their fierce battle demeanor and truly are some of the most brutal and disgusting entities that have ever existed. They are an elite force of DemonKids that is hard to come by. You can Kantari demons apart due to their tribal markings and scar on their right pectoral. The Kan’Tari DemonKids also proudly wear golden jewelry to represent their royalty in the pits of hell. The Kan’Tari DemonKids are some of the rarest to come across. This bloodline of DemonKids is strategically bred so that they can remain the aggressive and proud lineage of DemonKids. Kan’Tari DemonKids are known to excel at hand-to-hand combat and are excellent at ruthlessly executing orders. The DemonKids that are involved in this Legion normally are involved with the sins of mainly Wrath and Pride.


The second Legion of Demons is known as the Zel’ Goth Demons. Zel’ Goth DemonKids are your average infantry DemonKids. Extremely powerful, but aren’t as aggressive as their 1st Legion counterparts. Keep in my mind that DemonKids all live in Hell and all suffer from indulging in 1 Sin or another from time to time and it seems that most of the Lust doers and greedy DemonKids exist in this legion. Since the Zel’Goth Demons don't have the kill drive of 10000 burning suns, they often are responsible for handling most political situations on earth and influencing anything that has to do with finances. They are what you would call the HR/Marketing department that represents hell. Greed and Lust are very disgusting and powerful sins, and since they are classified within the same Legion, you will find a lot of chaos and unruly order between the rankings here, ESPECIALLY amongst the Imps. These Imps created an entire underground illegal “casino” in the city of Limbo. They say that the house always wins. No point in even gambling. They say at this casino though that “Dreams can come true here” if you can swindle the right deal at least. Faustian contracts are often created and executed here with The Negotiator. The Zel’Goth Demons are recognizable through their markings. Their markings are very tribal.


You're probably wondering what happened to the 3rd and 4th legions. About 1700 years prior to the events taking place now, there was a great civil war between the 3rd and 4th legions. Long story short, once Satan got wind of this, he banished both of the Legions from existence. We aren’t sure where they went but they aren’t here anymore. Satan's main motto is that the Demon kind is stronger together. Fuck everything over, except for a fellow demon. Do DemonKids follow this? Probably Not. Especially in this Legion. This Legion is a mixture of lost DemonsKids that never were able to find themselves after the great banishing. It is pure chaos here. Not constructed chaos, it is sincerely chaos here. These DemonKids that are in this Legion often affiliate with the sins of glutton, sloth, and envy. These Demons are often unruly, and they don't have much direction. Again, you can tell the Ur’Ru DemonKids from the other legions by the markings and lashings on their body. They are often abused by the higher legions of hell because they are often where the higher-ranking demons take out their anger. This chaotic legion is normally the first legion to run into when you get into hell, which is often why hell gets a worse rap for what it truly is like. I mean it is bad, but when you're messing with this legion I can see why people describe it as the gnawing and gnashing of teeth. 


In Heaven, there are 4 different types of AngelKids that run the Heavens. The kingdoms of Heaven make sure that there is law and order amongst all of the realms.


The Cherubs always take the form of babies. Goofy and silly, these little things are the embodiment of joy. Never in a bad mood, and often can spread happiness just by being in their presence. The Cherubs are used to find all the good souls that live on Earth. Their job is to make sure that they are keeping most Imps away from people that can be struggling with keeping their lives pure and clean. They are known to bring luck as well. If you recently hit the lottery, that was certainly a Cherubs doing, and probably because you deserved it. They don’t sleep, which is a fun but disturbing fact about them. They are always watching and reporting back to Angels, to make sure their good deeds never go unnoticed.


Servants. Pronounced Serv-ONT. These angelic creatures were designed to obey every order given to them, with a smile. They live to serve and are constantly needing a purpose. If they aren’t given tasks they will eventually turn into dust, and eventually, reincarnate. Similar to how a phoenix rises from its ashes. You may feel bad for them but, don’t. They are bred to serve and constantly answer to anything higher ranking than them. They don’t use the word “hate” but they strongly dislike the silly and goofy nature that the Cherubs are always floating around with. They can tend to be snobby and always in rush, but it is for a good reason. Cleanliness is close to godliness don’t you know! They truly have 0 free will and are designed to serve. Servants represent different creatures and it's tough to say what they truly look like. 


The Seraphim all represent angelic women. The seraphim are known as Deorum Imperium, which translates to God’s Government. They are the enforcing task force that is trusted to carry out the best for ManKind. Their main job is to find DemonKid hubs spread throughout the realms trying to cause mischief and chaos. Their power is so great there isn’t much that rivals it. They have gone through rigorous training since the dawn of time to become the most valiant, and educated entities in the realms. They are entrusted to carry out God's Judgement when he isn’t looking around. The Seraphim are warriors and make up most of the Heavenly Armies. Do not take their general goodness for weakness, they are the most vicious warriors the realms have to offer. They always travel in packs of three to maintain accountability and to hold small trials for the judgment they pass on.


This type of AngelKid is the most elite and rare. They influence a lot that has to go on and are purely based on politics. The Angels don’t speak per se, they telepathically communicate with everything they come into contact with. They communicate through gentle hums and ringing that you may hear in your head when they are near. As we mentioned, Angels are scholars and master manipulators. These are the government of all things. Angels ultimately decide what God's will is for a certain situation and make sure it gets carried out via the Heavenly armies. Angels are widely known to spread pure joy, represent righteousness and carry out the truth no matter how harsh the cost may be. This has led to corruption within their immediate council, which sometimes can question who truly is evil or good. The Angels have a way of pulling the strings behind the curtain to manipulate the ebb and flow of how things work.


Just like in Hell, there is a societal system in heaven as well. These are called Classes. 1st, 10th, and 20th Class are the ranking systems in heaven. The Class that an AngelKid belongs to can be easily identified by its Halo’s. In each class, there are Cherubs, Servants, Seraphim, and Angels, and each one of these Classes are carefully assigned in Heaven, to make sure everyone is doing their job.


1st class AngelKids were all designed without a rebellious bone in their body. They are the perfect solider and follow each order they are given with the best effort. Intelligent and extremely powerful makes for a deadly concoction. Slow to anger and slow to speak. Architects are trained to truly assess situations and see the heart of any being. They are able to see through most lies and are held to the highest honor. Architects have the ability to pass through the Realms with ease and are granted permission to do so without any probable cause. The reason they are called Architects is because of their habit to recycle and rebuild life at the snap of God's finger. They exterminated all the dinosaurs with a meteor and then tried to drown the human race once too. Since they are always successful with carrying out orders, they are known to almost be machine-like when it comes to orders. Scary. Identified by their proud halos and crowns.
Architects also are marked at birth with angelic ink to be identified as royalty.


In heaven, the highest honor is to serve. To serve selflessly? There is no better way to empower your fellow AngelKids. The job of Custodians is to serve on behalf of Heaven, and all things righteous. Again, said to be machine-like in the way that they serve, but their purpose is to only serve what goes on behind the pearly gates. They have no realmly duties, as they need to keep everything in order so it's one less thing for the Architects to do. Custodians are also known for their habit of cleaning up the “messes” of heaven. Like we had mentioned before, the Architects are known for destruction and creation when correction is needed, so the custodians always clean up after a genocide. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Custodian AngelKids can be identified by their blue halos and modest crowns.


Your basic guardian angel bullshit stems from this. Human minds cannot handle what 10th and 1st class angels look like. Upon a gaze of any higher class than 20th, it turns human brains into mud. It's just too beautiful for us to comprehend. Watchers are assigned the realmly duty of Earth. Their job is to watch and guide humankind. They are on Earth basically babysitting. They are bred to love people and also hide in available vessels on earth to make sure that they can influence the masses properly. Their job is to deal with all the basic judging and blessings that humankind deserves, before the apocalypse that is. Watchers can be identified by their tiny crowns and insignificant Halos. They have yet to earn bigger Halos.